Riverdale is back and will leaving you wanting more


by Greyston Harding, Reporter


Riverdale is back in the midst of its second season, and the show is more intense than ever.

Riverdale is based on the classic Archie Comics, centering around Archie Andrews and his close group of friends, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

At the end of Season One, the audience was horrified when Archie’s dad, Fred, was shot by a mysterious man, given the label, the “Black Hood.”

On October 11th, 2017, in Episode One of Season Two, fans of the show were relieved when Fred Andrews appeared on screen; however Archie is not doing too well.

Witnessing your own father getting shot is a very traumatic experience. Archie becomes obsessed with finding the man who shot his father and in the process, makes some poor decisions. KJ Appa, who portrays Archie Andrews, does an excellent job portraying Archie’s mental state and emotions in this season. While I sympathize with Archie, I believe his actions are becoming irrational.

Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) is becoming more and more involved with his father’s gang related past. That past is with the Southside Serpents. Jughead must juggle his relationship with the Southside and the Northside. Jughead is facing a lot of inner turmoil, and I think that he’s going to test his friendships in order to be loyal to a gang.

On the other hand, Betty (Lili Reinhart) has been dealing with problems of her own. The Black Hood has been keeping tabs on Betty, watching her every move. Along with relationship problems, Betty is on the brink of breaking down.

Camila Mendes, who has the role of Veronica Lodge, brings her sassy personality into the show. Veronica has been reunited with her father, the crooked Hiram Lodge. Even though her father’s attempts of reconciliation seem genuine, Veronica is no longer blind to her father’s ways and remains wary of her father’s affection, testing him in every way she can.

The characters on the show are lovable, and their personalities are easy for teenagers to connect with. Riverdale is a classic teen drama that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Older generations will be familiar with the story of the Archie Comics; while younger generations can relate to the characters on a personal level.

If you thought Season One was a wild ride, then buckle up, because Season Two will have you in for an emotional journey unlike before.