Varsity volleyball wins against Winters Mill High School: Photo of the Day 9/14/16


Savannah Sitler

Varsity volleyball team takes on Winters Mill in the final set.

by Savannah Sitler, Reporter

Winters Mill looked strong and formidable at the beginning of September 13th match at Linganore.

Throughout the first set, the game was tight. Winters Mill lead by an impressive number, especially when one considers that they were going up against the Lancers. At the end of the first set, Winters Mill pulled out the win.

The second set was also incredibly close. There was seldom more than a point difference between the teams, throughout the set.

In the stands, Rose Fiore, Junior Varsity player, said, “I’m hoping that the Lancers will be able to pull it back in. They need to just work on their defense, and they’ll be able to win.”

At the end of the second set, the Lancers did, in fact, pull through and win their first set.

In the third set, the Winters Mill Falcons did not offer the same energy. The Lancers won their second set, 25 to 16. They only needed to win one more set in order to get the match–the Falcons needed two more.

The fourth set was tight yet again. Winters Mill led throughout the entire set with a small lead. At the end, they scraped another win, 25-20.

During the final set, the entire stadium was on the edge of their seats. Both teams were close to victory–but the Lancers were closer. They won the final set and the match.

Linganore will be fighting to keep the title of undefeated when they battle against Urbana at Urbana on September 15, 2016.