Top 10 slang words of 2016

by Taylor Holmes, Reporter

While everyone was busy dabbing, they were also creating new slang words to use. Here are 10 of the most used slang words of 2016.

  1. Clutch

This term originated in baseball. In sports this term means to be in a situation that is critical, the whole game or competition is at stake. However, the 2016 slang version has a slightly different meaning. This slang term means getting exactly what you need exactly when you need it.


“He came in clutch with that phone charger.”

  1. Gucci

This term originated from the brand Gucci. Gucci is a luxury brand of high quality goods (including purses, perfumes, shoes, etc.). This slang term means good, great, or cool.


“It’s all gucci.

  1. Sicing

This word originated in D.C. To “sice” something means to make something fun or hype. 


“She is sicing this party.”

  1.  Fam

This term originated from the word family, just shortening it. Teenagers often use this word to describe a close friend or a group of close friends.


“He is fam.or “They are fam.”

  1. Salty

This term means to be angry or irritated very quickly. Salty originated in 1866 meaning to be racy or sexy, or to be angry.


“He should calm down because he is being so salty right now.”

  1. Highkey/Lowkey

Lowkey came from humble beginnings on the internet and Urban Dictionary. Lowkey means to keep something secret or quiet. Highkey means to be very open about it.


“I lowkey love Justin Bieber.” or “I highkey hate Justin Bieber.”

  1. Extra

Extra normally means to have more of an item. But the new slang version means to be very over dramatic, unnecessary, or high maintenance.

Person 1:” Did you hear what she wanted him to get her for Christmas?”

Person 2: “Yea she’s so extra.”

  1. Aight

This word is simply a shortened version of the word alright. This word is used frequently on Twitter due to the 140 character limit on tweets.


Person 1: “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Person 2: “Aight.”

  1. Hip

To be hip means to be in the know or up to date on what’s happening.


Person 1: “This song is good.”

Person 2: “I’m hip.

  1. Bet

Bet was originally used to when someone was gambling on something. However, the slang version is completely different. When someone uses bet that means yes, I agree, or you bet.


person 1: “Let’s hang out tomorrow.”

person 2: “okay, bet.