NEHS members meet first grade pen pals: Photo of the Day 4/29/15


Olivia Goldstein

NEHS members anxiously wait to meet their pen pals.

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

For the past four weeks members of the National English Honor Society have been writing letters to first grade pen pals, in Mrs. Beverly Lloyd’s class at Centerville Elementary. On Tuesday, NEHS members visited the class to meet their “pals” and share their favorite picture books.

Students were matched up with their pen pals; hugs and smiles were exchanged. From 2:15 to 3 the pairs read stories, drew pictures, and walked around the room, admiring science projects and baby photos. The room was noisy and filled to the brim with laughter.

Several of the first graders decided to show off for their high school friends by displaying their reading skills. Others had drawing sessions, and several NEHS members left with fridge art.

“I was excited to share my favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are, with my pen pal. The experience was bittersweet, and it was sad to say goodbye,” said senior Morgan Buchanan.

As the final minutes of the visit wound down the class sang a goodbye song to their pen pals. Final hugs were exchanged, and “Will I see you again?” was the popular question asked by the first graders.

The NEHS members talked as they walked down the halls and reflected on their own time in elementary school.

“It was good to go back to elementary school and reminisce since the seniors are graduating soon,” said NEHS President Isabella Marcellino.

Rebecca Downs, who interns for the class and coordinated the pen pal experience, said that after the pen pals left on Tuesday, the first graders had had too much excitement so they had recess the remainder of the day.

On Wednesday the NEHS members received their last letters, thanking them for visiting.

Senior Moe de La Viez's final letter from her pen pal.
Senior Moe de La Viez’s final letter from her pen pal.