Bryce Watson: Most likely to… become a professional skater

Bryce Watson: Most likely to... become a professional skater

by Michael Johnston, Reporter

This is the thirteenth story in Lancer Media’s 2015 Summer Series: Most Likely To…

These feature stories highlight students who are becoming role models of Lancer Spirit.

In the Class of 2016, Bryce Watson is a man to know. His musical abilities, outstanding “swag sense,” and unconditional “chill” toward others are reasons to meet Watson.

Watson plays five instruments: piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, and ukulele. Watson wants to learn a the harp as well, saying, “it would be totally gnarly to jam on a harp.” Watson normally plays for 1-2 hours a day and performs at local open mics when he can.

His most stunning achievements, however, are in skateboarding.

Shots of bryce

Getting on his first skateboard at seven years old, he decided that he wanted to be a skater. Watson landed his first Ollie at twelve. After that his perseverance yielded explosive improvement in his abilities. Five years later, Watson says the coolest trick he can do is “double ghetto bird,” which is a double hard flip backside 180 revert.


On a sunny day Watson spends four to five hours “shredding gnar” at home or at the skate parks. Watson’s favorite skate park is North Laurel Community Center, but he also skates at Columbia Sportspark and Mt. Airy Skate Park. Watson competed at the Columbia Lord of Laurel Contest in the category of best trick and came in second place.


Watson’s swag sense becomes apparent when you see his skate attire. Bryce has hair with “flow” that he claims “100% improves his skate performance.” His socks normally have festive designs and are always interesting.


Like many skaters, Bryce believes that “skateboards have minds of their own, and seek to destroy shins and ankles.” He thinks “helmets make you look lame,” and that “skating helps get girls.” His worst injury is a sprained ankle, but he has also bit through his lip.

Watson’s advice for new coming freshman is to “Stay mellow. A lot of things are going to change. Just don’t freak out.”

Andrew Salter, one of Watson’s friends said ” Watson is easily the most chill and interesting kid I know. He’ always out and about ready to do whatever.”


Watson has gone though “countless” amounts of shoes because of vigorous skating. His current board is a Death Wish Gang deck, but his favorite board company is Baker. He even calls himself a “Baker Boy.”


Some of Watson’s skater role models are Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Berman, and Jerry Hues.