REVIEW: Cassadee Pope’s career flourishes after new single

by Kayley Russell, Reporter

Anyone who has seen Season Three of the hit NBC show “The Voice” may be familiar with the  singer Cassadee Pope. She grabbed the attention of all Americans with her soulful country singing mixed with a hint of rock.  Mentored by Blake Shelton, she is launching her career after the Season Three win.

If you haven’t seen The Voice and Cassadee Pope’s name sounds familiar, it might be because she was also the lead vocalist in the pop-rock band Hey Monday  (@heyMonday)which was formed in 2008. She later distanced herself from Hey Monday to focus more on her solo career.

Now Pope is taking a next step in her career by launching her 2015 single “I am Invincible” with a corresponding music video.

“I am Invincible” isn’t her first song. She had released an album in 2013 called Frame by Frame and other singles throughout the past two years. “I am Invincible” is her newest recent single  that will be in her upcoming new album (the date of release is unknown).

Before listening to this song, I didn’t really know what to expect. After hearing she was in a pop-rock band, but also working on being a country music star I thought it would be a disaster waiting to happen. However, I was thoroughly surprised.

“I am Invincible” is an emotional anthem to perseverance.

In the beginning of the song, the music sounds like authentic country music, but when Pope begins to sing, she gives the song a pop rock vibe. The music and her vocals flow very nicely together. The music doesn’t take away from her raw, powerful, soulful voice.

While listening to her lyrics it was evident the empowering meaning that anyone going through a tough time can never give up.

“Cracks run through these walls

But they still stand strong

Oh, heart covered in scars

But my fear is gone

Oh I will fight

I will survive”

The chorus is my favorite part of the song: “I am invincible/I am unbreakable/I am a diamond cut to last.  I am unstoppable/I am I hero/ Like a phoenix from the ash.”

Although I do like this song, it is a copycat of Kelly Clarkson’s 2011 hit song “Stronger.”

Both Pope and Clarkson started their careers by wining television competitions:  Clarkson (American Idol season 1) and Pope (The Voice season 3). “I am Invincible” and “Stronger” have the same meaning about never giving up and both Clarkson and Pope have similar sounding voices.

However I feel Pope has the ability to be an original musician with her unique sounding voice and her attitude and emotion behind each song.

Watching the music video it captures the meaning of never giving up perfectly. It shows a young girl getting tormented by neighborhood bullies. Then it later shows the girl growing up and still facing challenges with bullying when girls start to pick on her in school. Then it shows the girl all grown up and it is revealed to be Pope herself and it shows Pope happy and helping other people.

I can’t get the song out of my head and will be happily singing it for the next couple of days.

Anyone interested or wanting to know more about Pope’s new album can follow her on Twitter @CassadeePope or visit the Cassadee Pope website