Geronimo! Here comes Sheppard

Sheppard members Dean Gordon, Emma Sheppard, Jay Bovino, George Sheppard, Michael Butler, and Amy Sheppard.

Sheppard members Dean Gordon, Emma Sheppard, Jay Bovino, George Sheppard, Michael Butler, and Amy Sheppard.

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor

Australian indie-pop group Sheppard has gone from Down Under (literally) to the top of pop music charts. Sheppard’s popularity started with their hit single, “Let Me Down Easy,” which soared to number one in Australia.

The group began with siblings, Emma, Amy, and George Sheppard. With a close bond they quickly began making music with band members, Michael Butler, Dean Gordon, and Jay Bovino.

Since “Let Me Down Easy” their success has soared. Their first album, Bombs Away debuted in Australia last summer and has just recently become available in the U.S. in March 2015. Today they rank within the top 20 on the iTunes pop album chart.

The group’s sound is upbeat yet laid back. Bombs Away is the perfect warm weather soundtrack. This album is perfect to kick off Spring Break.

Without sounding over processed,  the album brings forth a liveliness that the indie-pop scene needs. There are several obnoxious pop groups that produce the same song 12 times and call it an album. I’m glad to see (or hear for that matter) that Sheppard is not one of those bands.

The mix of female and male vocals creates a refreshing contrast from most groups today. With power groups like Fifth Harmony and One Direction, co-ed vocal groups in the mainstream music scene are rare.

One of my favorite aspects about Sheppard is the originality of varying vocals. While siblings Amy and George share vocals on several tracks, each has a chance to shine through individually in select songs. Both maintain a unique identity while cohesively blending their sounds.

You’ve probably heard Sheppard on your radio with their hit song “Geronimo.” I don’t pay much attention to radio music, so when I first heard “Geronimo” I was shocked. There is talent and real passion behind the voices and lyrics, unlike many generic overplayed pop songs today.

I’m sick of hearing love songs and party anthems. Sheppard has their act together, showing that singing about taking risks can be just as marketable as any one of Taylor Swifts whiny break up ballads.

My personal favorite song is “Something’s Missing.” It has a pretty chorus and plenty of vocal energy. I can’t wait to bust out this song as I’m driving with the windows down this summer.

Some songs are very cute and carefree like “Smile,” which showcases Amy’s fresh and bubbly voice. Others are powerful and dark like “Free” and “This Electric Feeling.” Many artists struggle with keeping variety among track lists, which can quickly turn any album from eclectic to messy; it is a fine line. Bombs Away eases from soft to heavy songs effortlessly, one never overpowering the other.

I hope that over time Sheppard will stick to their roots and not join the mainstream.  They have a rare talent, and even though it’s not necessarily something I’d play on repeat constantly, it’s just the right combination of catchy and indie to keep me interested and make even the hottest summer days bearable.

Sheppard is currently touring with pop singer Meghan Trainor. Their debut album is available for purchase on iTunes.