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The student news site of Linganore High School

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The student news site of Linganore High School

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Author Alexis Simmerman, demonstrates that masks make it hard to decipher emotions from one another, much like how autism and ADHD does.

An atypical opinion: I’ll keep my mask, thank you.

by Alexis Simmerman, Editor March 17, 2022

The past two years have been difficult for most people as Covid basically made the world spiral out of control. It’s made it harder for people to actively socialize with others with social distancing,...

Is arguing about masks worth the time and stress?  On February 22, the BOE will reconsider the mask mandate for schools.

Drop the mask mandate: Despite transmission fears, it’s time for learning to take front seat

by Emily Rice, Reporter February 17, 2022

Masks affect students’ ability to make relationships and communicate with their peers. Facial expressions are a huge part of showing emotion. With half of a face covered, how can someone tell what we...

Shown above is the health metrics board of Frederick County. This board is updated every seven days.

Simple (but unpopular) solutions to solve the increase in Covid exposure at FCPS

by Madeline Hull and Caroline Hobson October 5, 2021

We see what really happens in the halls of FCPS schools.  We can see what FCPS has done in the past and what they are doing now to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and while we love being back in school,...

These green stickers are across the whole school, making sure that students are socially distanced.

Sanitization and Separation: A day in the life of an in-person hybrid student

by Jason Byrd and Nikki Golemboski March 5, 2021

A student ritualistically checks the loops of their double-layered, CDC-approved face mask once more before slinging their backpack over their shoulder. They douse their hands in sanitizer, the burning...

Unlike the rest of my peers, Id rather stay at home online than go back to in-person education.

Why I’ll be staying virtual when school’s back in person

by Joshua Todd, Editor November 2, 2020

This is my senior year: my final year of high school. It’s supposed to be filled with school dances, extracurricular activities, senior pranks, and a dreaded case of senioritis. Instead of that, however,...

Maeve Smarick working on  face masks to sell.

Face Masks: Necessity and fashion statement

by Emily Lotito, Managing Editor October 10, 2020

Usually, we buy earrings, scarves, shoes, even key chain accessories to style any type of outfit. Now, we add a mask. Beyond a political argument or a health issue, masks are becoming a new must-have accessory...

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