The Lance

Honoring our history, the right way

The totem under the stairway of LHS depicts a Native American warrior holding the Linganore shield.

by Beau Cameron, Co-editor-in-chief

September 29, 2017

When I went to my first Linganore football game, I loved The Tribe. I loved how excited the crowd got, the feeling of community and togetherness. However, that feeling didn’t come from the headdress. I understand that it is an important symbol, but if it can be taken as offensive, and its intention...

One Tribe — One Headdress

The tribe stands before a game, Jacob Garwood (with stars painted on his arms) is the chief.

by Bridget Murphy, Opinions and Layout Design Editor

September 29, 2017

One of our first school-wide lessons this year was to watch a video that is about tolerance for everyone, with John Cena as the star. Throughout the video, Cena asks you to picture the 'average American,' but you really can't, because America is a melting pot of different ethnicity and cultures. "Almost ...

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