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Class of 2016: Photography seniors capture 28 days

Photography seniors (from left to right) Megan Leyh, Lily Rosas, Brennan Nolan, and Gine DeFrancisci celebrate 28 days left of high school.

by Tory Spruill, Reporter

April 14, 2016

There may be only 28 days left for seniors, but the photography students (@ArtsTracey) keep making memories. With award winning pieces and show-stopping photographs, the seniors a reluctant to say goodbye to their days in high school photography. Lily Rosas, who plans to attend Frederick Communit...

Brennan Nolan Most Likely To… Win the Pulitzer Prize in photography

Brennan Nolan Most Likely To... Win the Pulitzer Prize in photography

by Chloe Cline, Reporter

July 10, 2015

This is the fifth story in Lancer Media’s 2015 summer series: Most Likely to… These feature stories highlight rising seniors who are becoming role models of Lancer Spirit. Teens love to snap pictures and videos to keep as memories or to share with their friends online, but Brennan Nolan sees pho...

Photo of the day 6/3/14: Ancient reptile spotted at the Linganore Winery!

The snapping turtle crosses the road at the Linganore Winery. It made it safely to the other side.

by Will Foreman, Community News Editor

June 3, 2014

When sophomore Brennan Nolan recently went with his family to the Linganore Winery for a peaceful excursion, he did not expect to see a Chelydra s. serpentina. This massive creature, which Nolan estimated to be over a foot long, has the biting power to completely remove a human finger with one snap of the jaws. The beast from the family Chelydridae has a long fossil...

The town of Mount Airy celebrates May Fest

The town of Mount Airy celebrates May Fest

by Brennan Nolan, Reporter

June 6, 2013

Visitors today can imagine all of the hard work people did that came with the developing of Mount Airy. Citizens celebrate that hard work with the May Fest, established in 1988 by local businessman, Ben Gue. Ben Gue, who also owns the business Ben Gue Gifts and Collectibles, with ice cream cone in hand...

Superhero Summer 2013: Iron Man 3 crushes previous sequel

Superhero Summer 2013: Iron Man 3 crushes previous sequel

by Brennan Nolan, Reporter

June 5, 2013

IronMan 3 (PG-13) is yet another triumph from Marvel Studios and ParamountPictures. Their movie had a budget of $200 million and received more than $680.1 million from global ticket sales its first week.Iron Man 3 is a close second to the original Iron Man film. The suspense of the film had me on the ...

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