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The student news site of Linganore High School

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The student news site of Linganore High School

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In her trademark tie dyed outfits, Ericsson tackles life with enthusiasm.

Lancer Spotlight: From croquet to #1 band fan, Ericsson brings her joy to the classroom

by Madeline Hull and Caroline Hobson December 9, 2020

How do you manage being the tournament director for Capital Croquet, African American Culture Club advisor and teaching biology all while staying virtual? No idea, ask superstar teacher Beth Ericsson.  From...

College apartments in fall of 2019 vs college apartments in fall of 2020.

Move into an apartment or take online classes at home? College students have little choice

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor October 10, 2020

Imagine a bean bag chair, a mini fridge, LED lights, a new comforter. It’s all ready for move-in day. You can’t wait to start fall semester! Now, all the decorations are in bags under your bed, in...

Yazmine Carballo and Marshello Arevalo discuss their campaign strategy

AP Biology advocates for water properties

by Spencer Derrenberger September 22, 2018

On September 21, Beth Ericsson’s AP Biology class campaigned for the property of water they thought was the best. This project allowed students to get a better understanding of specific properties of...

News for April 23, 2018

by Lancer Media April 23, 2018

The Linganore Performing Arts Department has been hard at work getting ready for the spring musical “Footloose”. Tickets will be on sale for students all week during all lunch shifts. The price for...

News for February 9, 2017

by Lancer Media February 9, 2017

Interested in learning about drama? Aspiring to be the next hit Hollywood actor? Everybody must start somewhere, so why not sign up for a theatre class next year? Classes are fun, have a variety of hands-on...

Richard Burton (2019), Austin Wilhelm (2019), Jennings Codd (2019) and Billy Titus (2019)

Riley’s biology class learns about hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic solutions: Photo of the Day 10/23/2016

by Nicole Muller, Reporter October 23, 2016

Mrs. Valerie Riley’s biology class has learned about Hypertonic, Isotonic and Hypotonic solutions. To see the solutions in action, the class completes a lab using an egg that had been placed in water,...

Andrew Martin (left) and Johan Samayoa (right) study the Earth together in Mrs. McCauleys fourth period PES class.

Class of 2020 experiments with new Physics of Earth and Space class

by Savannah Sitler, Reporter September 29, 2016

The science class Physics of Earth and Space is new to Linganore 2016-2017 and was created by teachers in response to the Next Generation Science Standards. It was formed in order for students to be able...

Mikey Healy blows a bubble that is 28 cm in diameter.

Bubble-ology enthralls biology students: Photo of the Day 8/30/16

by Emily Reed, Editor August 30, 2016

Washing dishes is a chore that kids come to school to get away from.  They hate the persistent nagging from their parents to scrub the plates clean and the dry skin they get as a result.  Yet in Ms....

Corwin Verdin, Micah Wootten and Charles Rasmussen prepare their enzyme experiment.

Biology students stumped by weird test results: Photo of the Day 9/28/15

by Emily Seth, Reporter September 28, 2015

On September 28, in Ms. Amber McCauley's first period biology class, students conducted experiments on the functions of enzymes. Enzymes are tiny protein molecules that help speed up chemical reactions...

Class of 2019–People You Need to Know: Mrs. Beth Ericsson, science

by Ally Graziano and Chloe Cline June 9, 2015

The Lance interviewed Mrs. Beth Ericsson as a part of the 54 question feature. Ericsson is a biology teacher who loves her job. Ericsson attended Tulane University and earned her BS in Psychology and...

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