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The student news site of Linganore High School

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This graph puts the College Scorecard results of four colleges side by side.

College Scorecard: a website every student needs for career/college planning

by Kayley Russell, Reporter October 12, 2015

For seniors the deadline for applying to University of Maryland is November 1st. For seniors who are just now considering applying, it is almost too late to get started. Making decisions about important...

Brochures distributed during the JMU college visit.

Don’t ignore the benefits of visiting college reps

by Kaylee Henry, Editor October 10, 2015

Besides the relief of getting out class, college visits can be important to your future education and could just determine where you go to college. In the fall each year, representatives from college...

Mind the gap...year: Is rushing off to college always the best idea?

Mind the gap…year: Is rushing off to college always the best idea?

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor May 17, 2015

Today it’s expected that in order to succeed after high school, students must receive a bachelor’s degree and, often, a masters. But how are teenagers supposed to know what they want to do for a...


5 things you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a college

by Izzy Peterson, Editor May 7, 2015

In May, most seniors need to commit to their 4 year college. As a student who has had to face this challenge, there are a few things that I paid close attention to. Your own life-changing choice may become...

Photo courtesy of MCT campus.

SAT: Three little letters that strike fear in every teen

by Andrea Huston, Reporter February 7, 2014

Across the nation, students panic: SAT prep, college applications and recommendation letters. So this is senior year fun? This is a stressful time, but count on one thing: increasing SAT scores. One...

Chart showing which occupations are projected to have the largest job growth. Fort Worth Star Telegram 2009

Getting your dream job is no longer a nightmare

by Olivia Goldstein, Editor November 4, 2013

Generation Lost: Many students, both high school and college age, have no idea what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I am not one of the select few who know exactly what they were born to do,...

The popularity of the SAT and ACT across the country.

Map by Olivia Goldstein

Making the mark with SAT’s and ACT’s

by Olivia Goldstein, Izzy Peterson, and Morgan Buchanan October 10, 2013

The stress is sinking in for college bound students, panicking to make a good impression on promising colleges. This includes earning high marks on the SAT and ACT tests. The SAT test challenges math,...

Chart by Olivia Goldstein

College visits: The first step in the college process

by Olivia Goldstein, Reporter September 13, 2013

Juniors and seniors have only one topic on their minds, besides sleep: College admissions. The college process can be long and excruciating one but it does not have to be an odyssey. In September and October,...

A sibling leaving for college could seem to have many perks -- but is it always all good?

Together to distant: Your sibling leaving for college

by Ryan Stark, Reporter September 10, 2013

Chances are, you either have a sibling leaving for college or, perhaps thankfully, have one that is out of the house. At first, it could seem great! There’s one less person competing for attention. No...

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