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If you are a business and you would like to advertise with us, please click here


In an effort to raise funds to cover the cost of this website and our related services, Lancer Media displays advertisements on its web pages.

“Ads that appear on this website are not endorsed by the Board of Education of Frederick County, the Superintendent, Linganore High School, or Lancer Media.” is a website maintained by School Newspapers Online (SNO). Lancer Media participates in the SNO Ad Network, a network offering national, regional, and local advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences of high school and college students through their school newspaper websites. A portion of the advertisements on this website are ads from this network.

Most of the other ads on this site are Google Ads. These ads are targeted to you. While we cannot control what ads are displayed, we have enabled settings to help prevent offensive ads from appearing on the site. Every time a visitor clicks an ad, our journalism program receives money.



Other ads displayed on this site are results of direct partnerships with individual businesses.

Questions about ads should be directed to Noah.

If you are a business and you would like to enter into a partnership with Lancer Media, please email Natalie.


Revised November 21, 2014


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Advertisement Policy