Lancer Spotlight 04/29/22: Hispanic Heritage club says goodbye to seniors


The snacks that were brought in by members

by Kaelyn Diaz, Reporter

As the school year comes to a close, the Hispanic Heritage Club saids their goodbyes to the seniors. For the seniors of the club, this was their last ever meeting, and for the other members, this could be the last time they see the graduates.

President Kaelyn Diaz said, “I started this club after suffering years of feeling like I had no place as a biracial student. I was too white for the Hispanic kids and too Hispanic for the white kids. Feeling like you have no place really does damage. I wanted to use this club as an opportunity to help myself, but also help other students who felt the same way, no matter their ethnicity.”

The Hispanic Culture Club met in April to discuss how they could celebrate both the club’s first full year and the graduating members.

“We chose to have two separate events. The first one would be during PREP where we would bring in our favorite snack foods and have a mini potluck. Our second event will take place outside of school. The members who are interested will meet at a restaurant, and we will have dinner together,” said Diaz.

Holding an event outside of school makes it much easier for club members to come together  and not have to worry about restrictions they have to follow. The club hopes to have a final celebration at Sardi’s Pollo A La Brasa in Frederick before the last day of school. The Peruvian restaurant is a favorite among the members and is accessible for everyone.

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The club members brought various Hispanic snacks they enjoyed during their childhood. The snacks included DuvalĂ­n (which are two different colored chocolates eaten with a mini plastic spoon), Sponch Cookies (vanilla cookies topped with marshmallow and covered in coconut flakes), and Takis.

The club hopes to carry on this tradition through future years, and also plans to use this as a way to advertise the club.

“We don’t know what next year will look like, but, hopefully, we can be able to bring in more foods, and even cook some foods,” said junior Chloe Trevino.

The club’s president next year will be Emily Paredes.

For president Kaelyn Diaz the meeting ended with tears, hugs, goodbyes, and good luck after graduation. For the other members, the meeting ended with excitement for next year and their future plans.