Lancer Spotlight 9/30/21: Marching band earns second at Century High


courtesy of Kate Hanson

The band prepares to march down the field at Century High School.

by Lily Hanson, Reporter

On September 25, the marching band had their second competition at Century High School, placing second in the open-class category. 

The show for the 2021 season is called Cinematic and features multiple “scenes” reminiscent of popular movie soundtracks. The implied scenes use different rhythms and dynamics to portray romance, horror and a car chase.

Band director Kevin Lloyd also won the “favorite director” of the night, with much enthusiasm from the band students. 

Freshman Abigail Warren said, “Mr Lloyd is such a cool guy. It’s made my marching band experience so fun, and I’ve learned so much after the past two months.”

During the duration of the show, marching band students have to remember to march in time and step, stay in form, perform their music, and do dance-like “visuals.” The color guard carries three different types of flags, Spider-Man, Twilight Zone and Hollywood. Their uniforms are red and blue with images of 35m film.

“I’m so excited for what’s going to come next and for all of us to move forward as a group!” Warren said. The next show takes place on Monday, October 11 at the annual Frederick County Marching Band Festival.  Follow along with the band at