Little Lancers in the house!: Photo of the Day 10/9/19


courtsey of Kate Lane

The Little Lancers sit on the carpet and wait for directions from the student teachers.

by Kendall Martin, Editor

On October 7, the Little Lancers and their parents came to Linganore for an open house. Mrs. Kate Lane’s Child Development class has been preparing for the open house since the beginning of the semester.

The day started with the Child Development 2 class finding their buddies and introducing themselves to their buddies’ parents. They gave the parents letters that they had written a week in advance, introduced themselves, and let them know what the kids will be learning about this year depending on their age.

While Mrs. Lane informed the parents on the classroom routine for the year, the Child Development student teachers each got their buddy and showed them where everything was around the classroom. After that, they gave the kids a snack. The kids went around the classroom with their buddies and did activities including: drawing a picture for their parents, playing on the playground, playing with play-doh, and digging in the sand box.

Junior Maddie Crawford, one of the Child Development student teachers said, “It was so nice seeing all the kids and meeting the new ones. I loved getting to know them. ”

16 Little Lancers will start their first day on Thursday, October 10.