Class of 2020: Everything you need to know about Mrs. York’s after school tutoring


by Grant Kastel, Reporter

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During the day, Mrs. Mary Jo York works with special education students. In the afternoons Monday through Thursday, her classroom is opening to tutoring for all students in all subjects from 2:30 – 3:30. Honor society students help her do the tutoring.

It’s a great place to get your work caught up. The thing she likes the most about her job is the opportunity to help and work with students to get things done. In spring 2016, York won FCPS 2016 Outstanding High School Special Education Instructional Assistant.

What should you bring when you see Ms. York? Bring any material or class work that is incomplete so she can help students work on it. She claims that what students like most about her class is that it helps them get caught up in school.

How much homework is there? This class has no homework of its own. Instead, it focuses on assisting students with their homework from other classes. During the day, students in her class can look forward to getting candy and tickets for soda if they do all their work and do it well.

What kind of students does Ms. York work with? She helps students of all grades with all different levels of education whether it be merit or AP. If York is unavailable, you can go to these guidance counselors and other special ed teachers for help if needed. Stephanie Bindel, Gayle Blair, Traci Davies, Jill Harmer, Mary Cate Henry, Jane McKenzie and Michael Rich.