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Heardle: Try to guess the song intro in one second–OK, you get 16 seconds before you fail

                      Heardle 3/15


The most recent Wordle spin off that everyone is hearing about is Heardle. The game was originally made for a small group of friends and now has reached millions. Their rapid success can be seen in their newly formed Twitter(@Heardle_app), created in March 2022.

A complete game of March 16th Heardle. (Brayden Gregory)

Heardle selects a random song to provide players with a daily musical intros game. The game starts out playing a single second from the beginning of a song. You attempt to make a guess  which song or artist it is with only six tries. You can either opt to guess or skip. Failed gueses increase the amount of the song the player can listen to:  two seconds, four seconds, seven seconds, eleven seconds, and finally sixteen seconds.

Senior, Emma Jaffe started doing the Heardle recently.

“I like listening to music, so playing is a lot of fun testing my knowledge of music. Sometimes I even discover a song I have never heard of before.”

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