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Dakota Wheat

Dakota Wheat

Dakota Wheat will be attending Frederick Community College. She plans to major in cosmetology. She is currently captain of Linganore Poms and she dances for Center Stage Dance Company, a dance studio whose teams compete at dance competitions. 

What has been your favorite memory at Linganore?

“Performing for the football games.”

 What are you going to miss most after graduating? 

“I’m probably going to miss my friends.”

Do you feel pressure to have your future be decided already?

“I feel a little pressured,but I’ve had a plan for a little while now so not to bad.”

Best high school memory? 

“My best high school memory is Mrs. Smithhisler’s third period dance class. Never a dull moment.”

What is the most challenging task as a senior?

“The most challenging task for me would be staying motivated to finish everything and plan for next year.”

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

“Do your work and mind your business.”

Where do you imagine yourself 10 years from now?

“Working in a hair salon and hopefully dancing somewhere.”

What was the most meaningful assignment a teacher ever had you do?

“I had to do a project about what I plan to do in the future and I think it helped me really figure out what I want in life.”

When you look back on this school in later years, what will you remember most?

“My teammates and my friends.”

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