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Makyla DeVries

Five tips for the incoming freshmen class!

Five tips for the Class of 2026

As a rising sophomore, I understand the stress of coming into high school.  Over time, I have learned some simple ways to be successful during freshman year. 

1. Turn in your work!

 You have definitely been told this many times, but it’s the best advice that you could get. Something as simple as making sure that your work is done and turned it will help decrease the amount of stress going through this school year. 

 2. Be kind to staff and peers 

This might sound silly, but having a good relationship with staff and your peers is very important. This can overall just improve your mood and experience by having people wanting to communicate with you.    

3. Get involved with school programs 

This will help you get more friendships and help you find students that have common interests with you. This also looks good for your college resume!

4. Talk to the people that sit near you in classes.

This might sound obvious but it’s nice to have people to talk to when you’re working and it will be nice to have other friends. You will also notice that other schools will be feeding into Linganore which means that you have different peers in your class that you have never met before.  This probably goes without saying but talk to them when it’s appropriate so don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can cause a lot of unneeded stress and not procrastinating will give you more free time in the end when you get everything done in school then you will be able to have more time to do things that you truly enjoy instead of doing homework. For the most part the workload is manageable, but if you don’t do your work then it will just stack up, causing you a lot of stress.

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