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Cool classes and credits

To graduate high school, students need to take certain classes that give you credits. These specific credits are what allow students to graduate. There are the classics like Math, English, Science and History though there are some extras like Physical Education, Finance, Technology and at least two semesters of any World Language of your choice. 

For math, most people take Algebra 1 freshman year followed by Geometry, Algebra 2, and finishing with Pre- Calculus or Trigonometry in senior year. You have to take a math class every year and the same goes for English. 

Similarly science and history people usually take every year, though you are only required to have three of those credits. The required history classes are American Studies 2, Government, and Modern World History. You usually take those classes in order, one per year. For science credits people take Earth Space and Science, then Biology and Chemistry. 

Starting next year, students will have to take a full credit (one semester) of health and a full credit of physical education. There are other fitness classes you can take like Weight Lifting, Volleyball, and Football Training. 

There are several technology credits you can take. Some are IED, FOT, and Foundations of Computer Science. 

Though getting credits to graduate aren’t all that high school is, and the electives are where it really gets fun.

Some of the students’ favorite classes are Strength Training, Art, Computer Science, Pre-Vet Animal Science, 9-11, Jewelry-making,  Forensics, . There are tons of art classes like photography, ceramics, chorus, theater, and dance.

After freshman year, plenty of students choose interesting career courses at CTC and in Project Lead the Way (engineering).  Students go to ROTC off-campus, and many choose Work Study and internships.  Many students choose dual enrollment and AP classes, so they have college credit before they graduate.

Even if there are a lot of required credits and classes, make sure you take some fun classes too! Doing this will make your high school experience less stressful and make it more fun and manageable.

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