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“Yes Days” key to building family bonds

The nose piercing was an instant, "No!" My Yes Day otherwise was a hit.

April 24, 2021


Maya Apau

Can Netflix’s “Yes Day” be replicated in households with teens?

Drive the car through the car wash? Yes! 

Give mom and dad a makeover? Yes! 

Music Festival? . . .No

“Yes Day” — Netflix Original Review

In March 2021 Netflix released a family comedy Yes Day starring Jennifer Garner (13 Going on 30), Edgar Ramírez (Carlos), Jenna Ortega (Stuck in the Middle). 

The film follows the multicultural Torres family through 24 hours doing whatever the three kids want, following the rules that they made up–in an adventure throughout Los Angeles. 

Yes Day was adapted from New York Times bestselling creators Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.

“No matter how silly the request, there is one day a year when kids always receive a positive response,” said Rosenthal.

Netflix (YouTube)

Garner took the book’s parenting advice and gave her children Yes Days.

Can “Yes Days” work for teens?  Is the idea too babyish?

“I think with teens, sometimes it’s hard to set boundaries. If it’s a Yes Day then why can’t I do this or that? But I think once the rules are in place and everyone is on the same page, a Yes Day could be achievable. You’re never too old to have fun!” said Evelyn Hanson.

“In a society where rules are everywhere, and we are constantly being told what to do. A day of YES, could give kids a sense of liberation,” said middle school student Faith Kyere .

The purpose of a Yes Day is intended to earn  children’s trust and allow them to explore life without parental boundaries.

No phones. No outside communication. JUST FAMILY AND FUN!

Is it possible for this generation to have a “Yes Day”?

Teens are driven by their connection to social media.  A Yes Day could break cycle.

“A recent study found 67.9% of Millennials and 70.2% of Gen Z had made at least one purchase or more in the past month based on social media,” as reported on the Ignite Social Media marketing website.

With Gen Z addicted to technology,Yes Day is the perfect situation for kids to be removed from the technological world and to connect with others. 

According to MindWise, “Human beings are inherently social creatures. Feeling socially connected, especially in an increasingly isolated world, is more important than ever. The benefits of social connectedness shouldn’t be overlooked.”

For some families during the past year,  quarantine was a breaking point. Children were left without strategies and the ability to escape their chaotic family environments.

Meanwhile for others, quarantine was a moment of growth. Teens, siblings, and parents were given the opportunity to grow closer.

Putting it to the test

With this being said, I decided to rally up my family for a very “Yes Day” of our own.

The ages of the children varied from 13 to 21.

My first request for “Yes Day” was a nose piercing, which was quickly shut down. Resulting in a new set of rules:

1. Must be in the state of Maryland (Frederick, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, etc.)

2. Must be able to social distance and wear mask. Safety First!

3. Cannot be EXTRA or too out of the ordinary.

4. No phones!

5. Cannot say “NO” unless refers to Rule #3.

6. Have Fun!

Just like that, my family was at ease.

The day consisted of lunch where everyone got to choose a place to eat and bring their meal back home for a potluck style lunch. We also visited the mall and drank boba tea.

While my family’s “Yes Day” couldn’t be as extraordinary due to COVID-19.  It sure was FUN!

For the first time since lockdown, my family was able to laugh nonstop and enjoy the day carefree without any worries.

“A lot of the times I’m checking my phone for work emails and notifications, but for the first time I was free and able to enjoy time with my children,” said Margaret Apau.

Without the burden of social media, it was a period where everyone (including the adults) had time to sit back, relax, and enjoy family.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s to value family.

A “Yes Day” is the perfect opportunity to take the time to pause.

Oftentimes, families are caught up in a routine that has everyone scrambling to get it all done. We never take the time to just be present in the lives of our siblings, cousins, children, parents.

The Yes Day movie is a great model for families to take action and make “Yes Days” a healthy reality.

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