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Promposal Pandemonium

Prom Season is upon us. It is just days until the big night, boys and girls are trying to find the perfect date and with that the perfect way to ask them. A promposal is an elaborate request to be someone’s date to prom.

According to The Washington Post the first viral promposals started between 2002-2005. These “asks” started as cute little public displays, and since then each year they have gotten bigger and bigger.

Depending on how extravagant the promposal is being perceived the person being asked might have high expectations for the actual dance, which can be more stressful to the the other part of the pair. 

Junior English teacher, Mrs Patricia Kolias said, “ I feel like there is already so much pressure on teens today that adding the stress of creating the perfect promposal and being subjected to one makes a fun event more stressful.”



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