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Distinguished Graduates 2017: Biology teacher Laura Allnutt MacIvor is this year’s Academic Honoree

December 1, 2017

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Distinguished Graduates 2017: Biology teacher Laura Allnutt MacIvor is this year’s Academic Honoree

Tyler Roman

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Laura Allnutt MacIvor, who is a Class of 1985 graduate, is the 2017 Distinguished Graduate Academic Honoree. She is a biology teacher and basketball coach at South Carroll High School in Carroll County, Maryland.  

MacIvor  was very involved in high school.  She played four years of field hockey, four years of basketball, three years of softball, and one year of track and field. Her family has always worked in schools, and being so involved in high school is what sparked her interest to teach that age group.

After her high school career, she graduated from Shippensburg University.  Her motivation to do well was always her parents.

MacIvor says, “I am probably most proud of getting my college degrees, none of my parents attended college so it was a big deal for me.”

College classes were not always easy, but she was persistent. She admits that chemistry was a challenge, but she stuck with it, re-taking the courses that were most difficult.

She continued to earn her Masters of Education at Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland). MacIvor knew this school would provide many opportunities for her future.

“I learned that sometimes you have to work harder than you knew you could,” said MacIvor.

“This award was an unexpected surprise. It was really nice to get back to Linganore and see how everything had changed,” said MacIvor.

After the ceremony MacIvor visited a third period Earth/space science class and talked about events in her career that helped lead her to where she is now. 

“Ms. MacIvor shared some wise words of wisdom with us, which I will use during my years in high school, as well as when applying for my first job and beyond, “ said Ashley Walden, Class of 2021.

MacIvor’s advice to current students is to get involved and do something during high school.

“It makes the four years go by so fast and makes you want to be in school”, said MacIovor.

Family is the most important thing to MacIvor. She knows her husband, children, parents, and siblings will always be there for her.


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