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Tory Spruill

Check this off your blacklist: The Blacklist is sure to thrill and hook you from the pilot

3 seasons, 67 episodes

Approx. 1 hour each

The Blacklist is a crime action thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat watching every episode. Raymond Reddington is a high-profile criminal on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list that turns himself in with the intent on helping the FBI catch criminals that they don’t even know exist. This collection of criminals that he has an intent of catching and killing are all a part of an index that he created called the Blacklist

These criminals have all done Reddington wrong in such a way as to he can’t forgive them. As the series extends, the question arises of his true intentions of allying with the FBI, whether it be for business reasons or Elizabeth Keen. In exchange for his services, he is given immunity from the U.S. government, which is taken away and given back to him numerous times. He insists only on working with rookie agent Elizabeth Keen, whose unknown connection with Reddington causes suspicion throughout the agency.

Reddington is also connected with the deaths of Keen’s stepfather and father, but will not reveal to an extent how.  As they solve multiple cases, catch criminals, and save lives, the story of Reddington, his intentions, and his history is unraveled to the viewer. With many shocking turns of events and excellent acting, The Blacklist is sure to keep you hooked.

My Rating; Anywhere from 3-5 episodes at a time

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