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Tory Spruill

Add some plot to your story of spring break with “Arrow”

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Even though I am not a comic book type,  Arrow is a captivating series that gives a modern twist on the D.C comic, The Green Arrow. Stephen Amell plays the main character, Oliver Queen, who is rich man turned into trained fighter with a vengeance against the vile opposition who killed his father and is trying to take over his hometown.

The situation the show starts in is on an island where Queen was stuck for six years.  Various flashbacks occur of these places during the series. With that, the show can branch off into many directions, picking up characters, settings and making connections to its own story and other D.C. characters’ stories like Flash.

Each character grows throughout the plot and you really attach to them. Each character has a deceitful twist. The skilled fighting and tactics make a viewer stay on their toes.

It it is similar to the comics because it is not an episode by episode story. Each episode is only a puzzle piece of the big picture. It is best to watch at most three episodes at a time, and in between episodes take a moment to ponder. The connections between stories reveal reasons why choices were made.


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