Class of 2016: Seniors count down the days

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Seniors from all groups are counting down the days until they leave their Linganore classes behind. As Spring Break came to a close, seniors got hit with the realization that the sand in their senior year timer was quickly trickling down. On Monday, April 4th, Lancer Media began documenting different groups of seniors as they celebrate 35 more days of high school.

Class of 2016: Senior journalists sign off on their last day
Class of 2016: Morning announcements staff communicates two days left for seniors
Class of 2016: Strength Training flexes for 3 days
Class of 2016: Girls basketball makes a fast break toward graduation – 5 days
Class of 2020: Forensic Science Class gets a bloody reminder that there are only 6 days left
Class of 2016: AP Political Science counts down delegates and 8 days of school left
Class of 2016: Fundamentals of Chemistry periodically counts down to 9 days
Class of 2016: Independent Living seniors get cooking with 11 days left
Class of 2016: Harry Potter Alliance seniors cast their final spell with 12 days left
Class of 2016: Senior track and field members see the finish line in the distance with 13 days left
Class of 2016: It’s all a game for seniors who have only 14 days left
Field hockey counts down 15 more days: Ladies remember a season of friendship
Class of 2016: Softball seniors are all smiles for 16 days left
Class of 2016: Publications seniors have 19 more days to make memories
Class of 2016: Latin club senior celebrates 23 days left
Class of 2016: AP Composition marks 24 days before seniors leave
Class of 2016: 27 days until their dramatic exit
Class of 2016: Photography seniors capture 28 days
Class of 2016: Child Development seniors celebrate 31 days with shaving cream
Class of 2016: Mr. Linganore finalists count 34 days left a trendsetting year
Class of 2016: Lacrosse Celebrates 35 days left
Class of 2016: “Cheers” to 33 days left of school
Class of 2016: Poetry on the sidewalk NEHS seniors mark 32 days in chalk
Class of 2016: Band celebrates 30 days until “rest”
Class of 2016: With only 26 days left, SGA seniors hang up their ties
Class of 2016: National Art Honors Society sculpts their future with 22 days left

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