Lancer Spotlight 3/29/2023 The Delaplaine art exhibit

by Brandon Sanford, Reporter

Art is a subject that everyone has at least tried once, whether it be through a canvas, an action, or through sound. One of man’s biggest sources of inspiration and entertainment comes through observation.

The Delaplaine Art exhibit has opened its doors for visitors. welcoming visitors through its doors, and showcasing many pieces of art for view. With most of the art pieces being made by students throughout all the grade levels of the Frederick county school system. 

The art exhibit was located in downtown Frederick, being located in an art school for students who wish to take classes. With each section including many student arts, throughout elementary school to high school levels of art. With one of the sculptures even being from Linganore High School. 

With many people themselves being artists who wish to see the progression of art in the modern generation.

¨You can see kids developing different imaginations through imagery.” Kendle Bryant, a visitor to Frederick stated. ¨It’s just beautiful, it’s just aesthetic sometimes you just wanna make things that are ugly that you just focus on.¨ 

The exhibit includes many different pieces of art that convey different emotions throughout them, from disgust to intrigue. 

With all the art that is on display at the exhibit, one has to think. How is it chosen for display? How exactly is the fine art chosen to be exhibited in the county’s exhibit?

“The artwork is selected based on a number of things related to the overall objectives of the given assignment.” Christian Madenspacher said. “Though ultimately, a measure of creativity and technical rendering must be showcased.”

The exhibit ends at the end of April, and has a free entry through the times of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located in downtown Frederick, with the youths artwork on display in this exhibit. So if you wish to see the works of art from students around the county, then come on around and check out the Frederick art exhibit.