Linganore Academic Team sees mixed success ahead of playoffs


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The Linganore Academic Team studies twice a week in order to prepare for future competitions.

by Brandon Sanford, Reporter

The bright lights illuminate the auditorium, showing two teams and one button. The audience sits in suspense as the host begins to ask the question. A hand slams down on the button to answer, and that hand belongs to team Linganore.

On January 20, Linganore high school went up against Urbana high school in an academic tournament with the subject being “Oceania Geography.” Linganore had been in the lead the entire tournament until the very last round in which they lost.

“We had a commanding lead going into the final round. However, we had the worst round we’ve had,” Chris Hahn, coach of the academic team, said. “It just happens sometimes. We need to make sure we play our game right.”

Despite a disappointing outcome, this loss did not stop the team from ultimately winning multiple future rounds, allowing them to avenge their loss against Urbana. 

In academic tournaments, each match allows four players to compete for each team, making the team’s selection very important for each subject.

“I try to get four students with knowledge of that field. I try to fit it in to get a wide range of skills,” Hahn said. 

Only players truly know the thrilling experience of playing in an academic tournament.

Linganore sophomore Graham Smarick said, “It’s really exciting. It’s so bright, and [when] you get on stage you gotta focus. Buzzing the button is exciting.”

However, not all experiences are the same. The tournaments are nerve-racking yet fun.

“[Tournaments] are very nerve racking, but they are also friendly and fun to compete in,” said senior Leaf Kullgren.

Despite their losses, Linganore’s academic team has managed to pull through. Only time will tell whether they will succeed in winning the playoffs.