Lancer Spotlight 5/19/2022: Drama celebrates excellence and announces next year’s plays


Malia Smaha

New Drama officers (left to right) Lauren Hackett, Victoria Pietanza, Megan McCaffry, Hanna Piler, Grace Trudeson

by Nick Killway, Reporter`

On May 18 the Drama Banquet occurred after school. During this event, the drama department celebrated the accomplishments of the year. The department gave awards such as Most clumsy won by Joey Dorman. MVT(Most Valuable Thespian) won by Kate Stadter and Mary Bailey. Best Actress, and Best Actor won by Jack Bowman and Audrey Kilgore. There was also a new award this year, the Most Outstanding Thespian, won by Malia Smaha.

Mrs. Angela Smithhisler, drama teacher, had some exciting news, She is pregnant! Malia Smaha said, “We all screamed when we found out.”

The drama department had Techie vs Actor games to play and food. The games included a three-legged, race, shake it off, and a rap battle.

During this event, the fall and spring musicals were announced. The sall play is Puffs which is based on the Harry Potter house of Hufflepuff. Puffs is a comedic retelling of the Harry Potter books through the eyes of the characters. The spring musical is The Little Mermaid.

The new drama officers were also announced. Lauren Hackett is the president. Victoria Pietanza is Vice President. Megan McCaffrey is the Tech Historian. Hanna Pliler is the Actor Historian. and Grace Truedson is the secretary(Seen in the image at the beginning of the story).

The banquet included compilation of pictures taken throughout the year by the Actor and Tech Historians.