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Madeline Hull

Madeline Hull

Madeline Hull will be attending McDaniel College in Westminster Maryland. She plans to earn a secondary education degree and major in biology and marine biology.

Hull is Vice President of Membership for the National English Honor Society and the Service Coordinator for the National Honor Society. She is also a member of the Science Honor Society, African American Culture Club, Class of 2022 Student Council, Key Club, Quill and Scroll Honor Society, Environmental Club, and is co-editor-in-chief for the school newspaper.

What has been your favorite memory at Linganore?

“I don’t have a specific memory that stands-out, but I will always look back on all the fun times I had a the football games with my friends. We would always for some reason leave the games before halftime and go get dinner. It was our own tradition to do every Friday night.”

 What are you going to miss most after graduating? 

“I am really going to miss journalism. I’m not planning on continuing it in college, so the thought that I’m leaving in a few months is very scary and sad at the same time. I made so many memories and really enjoyed my time while working on The Lance. I am really going to miss Mrs. Rebetsky. High School was difficult and a lot of things changed, but Mrs. Rebetsky has been my teacher one way or another for the past four years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think I’m also going to miss all the events that I was able to participate in like the Egg Nog Jog and Mr. Linganore. “

Do you feel pressure to have your future be decided already?

“I’ve always known that I wanted to go into a teaching field, and I’ve always known I wanted to do something related to the ocean,just based on the way I grew up. The pressure for me came from choosing the college I am going to attend. I’ve debated back and forth between what school I wanted to attend, based on the program they are offering as well as scholarships.”

What is the most challenging task as a senior?

 “Figuring out what schools interested you and make the most sense for your future. I had to make the difficult decision on not going to my dream schools because it wasn’t realistic and didn’t make sense for my future. The entire college application process wasn’t too difficult for me,but it was time consuming. Applying for scholarships was a pain.”

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

“Find people that you can lean on. If it’s an amazing teacher or just a good group of friends, don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Get involved with clubs and extracurricular, you’ll look back on it and appreciate all the events you were able to attend. Also, take classes that you would not normally chose to. I took Journalism my freshman year as an elective, and now I’m ending my senior as the Editor-in-Chief who has made so many memories in that class.”

Where do you imagine yourself 10 years from now?

“I want to be comfortable with my life and have stability. Hopefully I’ll be teaching ocean science and marine biology at the high school level. I want to create my own curriculum similar to how Mr. Hornbeck does for his 9/11 class. I also want to be able to impact my students lives in a positive way. I want to be the teacher they can always come to if there’s a problem, or they just need someone that will listen.”

When you look back on this school in later years, what will you remember most?

“The community and spirit of Linganore will always stand out to me. No school is perfect but at Linganore people found ways to see the good in not so great situations.”

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