Lancer Spotlight 2/24/22: Freaky Friday cast and crew work on the April show


Mia Lucas

Juniors Malia Smaha and Lauren Hackett, blocking a scene for the spring musical, Freaky Friday.

by Nick Killway, Reporter

Lights! Camera! Action!

The drama department has started production of their spring musical, Freaky Friday.

We’re coming off last year’s wacky school year, where we were impacted by the hybrid school and restricted numbers. We did a very small musical last school year because we wanted to make the cast limited. So, this year, we partially picked Freaky Friday because it is a much larger cast. We also try to pick shows that will showcase the talents of our students the best, and we felt this show would do that! It’s also an upbeat, contemporary, and funny musical, which is pretty different from what we did last year (Little Women),” said drama teacher Angela Smithhisler.

Freshman Emerson Berry is preparing for the new challenge of Freaky Friday. Berry had a role in the winter play, Radium Girls.

She was able to gain experience from that play, which she will utilize in Freaky Friday. “Definitely acting the character and the people playing the [other] characters so you can better interact with the characters,” said Berry. 

In Freaky Friday, Berry will be in the High School Ensemble.

Cast List

Ellie Blake: Lauren Hackett

Katherine Blake: Malia Smaha

Fletcher Blake: Caroline Smithhisler

Mike: Joseph Dorman

Gretchen: Maggie Glassman

Hannah: Haley Lewis

Adam: Sam Winyo

Savannah: Emily Jonas

Parker: Julia Hersch

Wells: Conner Naavaty

Laurel: Hannah Plyler

Torrey/Adam’s Mom: Audrey Kilgore

Grandpa Gordon/Senor O’ Brien: Austin Heeley

Grandma Helene/Mrs.Luckenbill: Mary Bailey

Danielle: Mya Murphy

Louis/High School Ensemble: Luka van Hersken

Dr.Ehrin/Officer Kowlski: Jack Bowman

Mr.Blumen/Pastor Bruno: Joey Looper

Mr.Meyer/Officer Sitz: Victoria Pietanza

Savannah’s Mom/Mrs.Time:  Grace Truedson

Parkers Dad/Cater Waiter/High School Ensemble: Matthew Buehler

Wells’ Dad/Fish Vendor: Summer McKinney

Gretchen’s Mom/Florist: Isabella Anderson

High School Ensemble: Emerson Berry, Molly Standfield, Lily Hanson, and Carter Kircher.

“We’re hard at work; both on stage and behind the scenes to prepare for this show. We have techies who meet every Friday to work on construction, painting, sound, and costume stuff. Our actors are coming in every day to work on dance rehearsals, singing rehearsals, and blocking out scenes,” said Smithhisler.

Opening night is stressful for cast and techies. Sometimes microphones and audios doesn’t work properly.

“If you are going to sing too slow or fast or you’re going to lose your voice; that’s happened to me before. Opening night is going to be the most challenging night but I know we will get through it as a cast,” said Berry. 

Ticket can be bought online in the upcoming weeks. Showdates: April 7, April 8 and April 9.