Lancer Spotlight 4/12/22: Did you have a Freaky Friday? The Drama Department sure did

by Nick Killway, Reporter




On April 6, the Drama Department performed the spring musical Freaky Friday for middle schoolers. Opening night of the play was April 7.   The musical is about a mother and daughter who, through magical intervention, switch bodies and learn about each other and deepen their relationship because of it. The musical ran through April 7-10. 

A lot of emotions go into a musical and when Lauren Hackett, who played Ellie Blake in the play, found out that she got the lead she was overwhelmed with emotion.  

“Absolutely amazing; I didn’t think I was gonna get the lead since I auditioned for the second lead. I was really surprised! ” Hackett said. 

A lot of hard work and dedication was put in by the actors. Nervous jitters engulfed Hackett but she found a way to relax herself.

“While practicing and performing in the musical, I would do the Cotton Eye Joe dance before rehearsals just to get the jitters out. Emerson Berry told me she would always see me do the dance before rehearsals.” 

The crowd may not know it, but the ensemble is as important then the lead characters. Freshman Emerson Berry, who played  was a part of the ensemble

“Backup dancers are very important. Without the ensemble, the show wouldn’t be the same,” Berry said.

 There are a lot of things that happen backstage that the audience doesn’t see. Berry shared a moment that happened backstage that no one in the audience was able to see. 

Sometimes in plays props have to be improvised.

Hackett said, “For one of the scenes I had to bring on a picture of ‘my son.’ The picture was always some crazy picture like a funny picture of the guy holding his thumbs up making a baby face and one time it was a picture of Kevin Bacon; it was a lot of fun.”