Lancer Spotlight: 3/25/22: National Art Honor Society hosts slime night


Paxton Diggs creates a cupcake out of slime. (Marissa DePalma)

by Marissa DePalma, Editor-In-Chief

It’s rare kids are encouraged to make a mess, but not at Slime Night.

On March 24 Slime Night, NAHS members volunteered to instruct and assist the slime makers.

Abby Seth was the main demonstrator, and she showed step-by-step on what to mix together to get the desired slime texture.

First start off with your food coloring and dye the white or clear liquid school glue. Then add water, an activator like contact solution, and mix it all up. There was also the option of mixing shaving cream and Styrofoam balls into the slime.

The children were hesitant at first, but they quickly got their hands dirty and had blast experimenting with the slime, adding components, making shapes with the slime, and squishing it.

The NAHS members also had a lot of fun, including senior Emma Watkins, “I was having as much fun as the kids were and was even making slime of my own.”

After the demonstration everyone was perfecting their slime and playing with it. (Marissa DePalma)

NAHS advisors Christian Madenspatcher and Georgia Geisser organized the event.

“I think we had a pretty good turn out. It seemed like everyone there, even the volunteers, had a fun time, including myself,” Madenspatcher said.

Slime Night was such a success and they will host more in the future.

To stay updated and find out when the next one will be, you can follow NAHS on Instagram or Twitter @lhsnahs20. NAHS hopes to see you at the next one.