Lancer Spotlight 3/21/22: Izzy Manning brings Freaky Friday to the halls


Nick Kill

Izabella Manning with her Poster

by Nick Killway, Reporter

The Freaky Friday posters that are advertising the spring musical are created by Junior Izabella Manning.

Manning said she found inspiration from the actors to create the poster. “I took pictures of them [Lauren Hackett and Malia Smaha] and used them to create the people in the poster. I wanted there to be a slight resemblance. It wasn’t completely necessary, but I thought it could be fun.”

In Computer Graphics, students were assigned to create a poster for the play using Adobe Illustrator. Manning’s poster was chosen as the best in her class.

The biggest struggle Manning said was the text. “The text annoyed me a lot, just trying to figure out how to get it all in there. I made thumbnails, small individual drawings originally to figure out how I wanted things to be positioned, but I didn’t write out all of the text in those [the thumbnails]. It was a struggle to get everything where it looked balanced to where it didn’t annoy me.”

The art style is purposely simplistic. “They try to repaint the posters sometimes and I knew I wanted it to be shaped and have a simplistic style and not try to over complicate things. I decided to stick with colors and not go overboard with detail. That’s why I didn’t add facial features and kept to a three color palette.”

Tickets are available for performances on April 7,8. and 9 at 7 P.M and April 9 and 10 at 2 P.M

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