Gambit pays off for LHS Chess Club

Nick Killway

by Nick Killway, Editor

On Monday, November 14, the Linganore Chess Club held a school-wide tournament for all to compete. The 18 competitors played a total of four rounds, whittling down to the final four competitors.

Included in those four was junior Dimitri Raush-Garnet, the founder of the Chess Club. Raush-Garnet has been playing competitive chess for four years and has been playing casually his entire life. This makes him a formidable opponent.

To promote the tournament, Raush-Garnet played games of chess throughout all lunch periods the week before the tournament began. At one point, he was simultaneously playing multiple games against different competitors.

Raush-Garnet explained how he got into chess, how he created the Chess Club, and how the Linganore chess tournament came to be.

Linganore math teacher Kenneth Halter who acts a staff advisor to the club and competed in the tournament explained why he wanted to get involved in the chess tournament and the Chess Club. He also explained how he got into chess when he was younger.

The tournament began at 2:20 after school on Monday, November 14. The competitors gathered and the rules were explained by Halter.

The rounds continued on until the final four competitors were chosen: Damon Norko, staff advisor and English teacher; Raush-Garnet, sophomore Avatar San Juan and Halter.

There was tension in the air as the games came to an end. Norko and San Juan won the final games and guaranteed their spots in the top five.

The final standings were Norko in 1st place, Joshua Player in 2nd, San Juan in 3rd, math teacher Joseph Athey in 4th and Raush-Garnet in 5th.

San Juan and Raush-Garnet expressed their excitement about the results of the chess tournament and the chess tournament in general.

“Yeah! I’d do it again!” said San Juan.

Special thanks to Kenneth Halter, Avatar San Juan, and Dimitri Raush Garnet for doing interviews.