5 West Cafe brings coffee to New Market

They fell in love with the property and decided to buy it. She just really appreciates the community aspect here, everyone’s really closed knit.


The new 5 West Cafe is open from 7-3 most days

by Nick Killway and Seth Moses

In early January, 5 West Cafe opened on Main Street in New Market. 5 West is a small coffee shop that serves coffee from Stage Line Coffee Roasters, located immediately behind the store. The shop serves an assortment of pastries and Danishes that change daily.

Matt Schlener, the manager of 5 West, said, “I found this place through Josh and Courtney[representatives for local coffee shops in Frederick]. They connected me with the owner, Lori Mills, who has owned the building since 2016. Mills and her husband bought the building and decided to renovate and resell it. Ultimately, the two decided to start a business instead. After years of working in different jobs, she [Lori] wanted to work with people and be involved in people’s lives. We get to see very real aspects of people’s lives and when they come in, you learn about them, their families, and how they ended up in New Market.”

Schlener has a deep connection with coffee going back to his childhood, “From a young age, since I was 9 years old, I started drinking coffee. I grew up in Portugal so it was a common thing to drink coffee that young. I just really loved the community aspect and how the baristas, whoever they are, get to connect with others and learn about other people. You can  have a little bit of a positive impact in others lives. We have a lot of people that come in every day and everyday it’s little conversations like ‘hey good morning’, it’s just that reset link and just being able to have a positive impact in their lives is really cool.”

The building that 5 West is in is a rich history. Schlener said,“There have been many different shops [in the building]. More recently, there was an Irish mart. The store sold all things Irish, like little trinkets. More in the past, like in the 1800’s, originally the store was a stage coach service stop  and a hotel. There was a whiskey room and a ballroom in the hotel. This place has a lot of cool history, a lot is from the 1800’s and it’s said to be an old national hotel.”

There were many obstacles in opening up 5 West Cafe; it took three years to renovate the entire building. “A lot of stuff has to be replaced. There was mold damage and since it’s an older building, it took longer to replace everything. Also, it took a long time to find staff to hire. Lori had everything ready, the shop was ready to open but she didn’t have any staff. It took her almost a whole year until she found me. When she hired me, we opened up the shop in January,” Schlender said.

If you want to go to 5 West and get something to drink you’ll have to go early because they close at three. They would stay open later but, “Well, as of right now, we were pretty small staff. So it’s just a staffing right now and we kind of just wanted to Open for during the morning person mainly as a day and then during the afternoon it’s not as common to have coffee so for right now are open during the mornings” said Schlener. This could change in the summer or if there were events happening at the store so keep an eye on 5 West’s Instagram and Facebook  for updates.


Review: 4/5

The mocha latte served at 5 West Cafe (Seth Moses)

Upon walking into the doors of the cafe, guests have two paths to walk; left or right. Left is where coffee or pastries are ordered, made, and picked up. The design of the serving area is very simplistic, clean, and neat. On the right is where the seating area which is very nice and has lots of chachkis that have to do with coffee. 

The hot mocha latte was very good and chocolatey. The coffee was very strong, so if you don’t like the taste of strong coffee, I would ask for only one shot of espresso. The chocolate-filled croissant was good. The iced mocha was pretty good. The coffee flavor mixed with the rich chocolate flavor created something amazing.