With game winning interception, Arnett proves his worth as a college athlete


courtesy of Susie Willett

Arnett blocks a field goal at LHS against Urbana.

by Gio Fuentes, Reporter

It’s the end of the fourth quarter: Urbana has the football, down 21-18, as they are trying to get a last second score to win the game. Quarterback Kyle Howes rolls out and launches the ball downfield and… intercepted by #21 Trevor Arnett.  This seals the game. The Lancers have won the Rt. 70 trophy contest again.

Trevor Arnett is playing and winning football games at a very high level as he steps into his starting free safety role.

However, it was no easy road for Arnett. Prior to this season, he shadowed Linganore alumni and previous starting safety Ben Mussleman, who was a stellar free safety during his Lancer years. Arnett had a taste of the spotlight last year when he stepped in for the injured Mussleman, but not enough to fully prepare him for the starting job.

Although the chance of a football season was up in the air due to COVID, Arnett never stopped preparing for his opportunity. 

During the offseason, Arnett knew he wanted to lock up the starting free safety spot and as a result, he worked tirelessly to do so. Any opportunity he had to better himself he took, whether it was getting up at 5 am to hit the gym, doing drills late at night at his house to keep his footwork sharp or getting some practice in with fellow players, Arnett exemplified nothing short of hard work all off season long.

For Trevor football is much more than just a game. Football creates a bond that some may never understand. “Football made me a better person in general by helping me make friends and giving me the opportunity to learn from all my teammates and coaches.”

“My favorite part about football is just being able to go out there and play with my ‘Dawgs’ every day.” 

Throughout his football career Arnett has had many supporters but his 2 biggest fans are his parents, saying, “Trevor has always been very passionate about Football since he was young, getting to see him grow and get better every year is amazing to watch and we can’t wait to see what he does at Frostburg”.

In Arnett’s final high school game, he managed to record two blocked field goals (one was called back) but that was enough to spark the attention of one certain person. After the game against Urbana in which Linganore won 27-20, the head coach of Frostburg was in close contact with Linganores’ Coach Conner. Trevor’s relentless pursuit to get better, his dedication to the game of football was all about to pay off.

Coach Connor said, “Trevor has always been a hard worker and this year he definitely showed it, he played some of the best football of anyone on the team and deserves to be recognized for it. Great kid and I cant wait to see what he does at the next level.”

Frostburg State Head Coach DeLane Fitzgerald had reached out to inform Coach Conner that he would like to see Arnett’s highlight tape and that he loved the blocked field goals against Urbana. The highlight tape was sent, and in a few short hours Arnett became a certified D2 football player, Coach Fitzgerald reached out to inform Trevor that he would have a spot on the roster his freshman year.

All the hours of training, the early morning lifting sessions, it all finally paid off. Nobody expected Trevor to play football at the level he did this year, but through it all he kept his head down and worked hard every single day. 

“His dedication has definitely been admirable especially as a parent, when you see your kid work so hard for something it inspires you to take on a goal of your own. I am so unbelievably proud of him and I know he will only continue to work harder as he progresses into his career” said his mother, Brooke Arnett.

“Arnett is a tremendous athlete and an even better person. His story is so inspiring and being able to be there with him through ups and downs makes the story even better. When nobody believed in him, he always had his #1 fan at the gym with him everyday ensuring he would do great things, even when he didn’t believe in himself. After Trevor found out he officially had a spot on the team and could start his freshman year he gave me a call, ‘We did it bro, we did it,'”said  best friend, Gio  Fuentes.