Lancer Spotlight 9/8/21: Pregame football chants return


Courtesy of Sierra Pare

Member of the tribe Brady Brouillard, raises the LHS flag above the students to get everyone into the Lancer Spirit.

“I believe that we will win.”

“I believe that we will win.”

Coming back from the almost two-year hiatus, the Tribe/football team chants are back! The pandemic wiped out plenty of traditions, and the team spirit created by the weekly chants were missed.

They were once a common thing to hear from Main Street on Fridays before PREP.  For the five-minute bell change, all of the student body rushes to the balcony and common areas.

In Spring 2021, in the hybrid model and football with limited spectators, the football chants didn’t take place.

The 2021-2022 year brings it back in full force, to get everyone into the mood for the game later that night. 

(Courtesy of Aubrey Beale) Tribe leader Owen Drenner stands at the top of the stairs, returning the traditional football game day chant.

This year tribe leader Owen Drenner is the chant leader, getting everyone excited for that night.

Senior Jacob Wilhelm said, “I’m excited for the chants to be back since they get the adrenaline rushing for the football games.”

Friday September 3, was the first football game with a crushing defeat of Kenwood High,  30-0.

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