Lancer Spotlight 9/13/21: Lunch shifts change as a safety precaution


Ruby Cerny

Peyton MacAnanny, Maya Soisson and Chloe Kim converse during their new lunch shift

by Ruby Cerny, Editor

On September 8, the lunch shifts changed in an effort to reduce the risk of students contracting Covid-19 as well as to reduce the long lunch lines. 

Instead of three lunch shifts, there will now be four. In order to accommodate for this change, PREP is now cut 10 minutes shorter. Instead of occurring from 10:20 to 10:55, PREP now occurs 10:20 to 10:45. Before the lunch shifts change, there was 5 minutes in between each lunch shift.

Despite the lunch shift change in order to maintain safety, not many students are happy with the change. Junior Chloe Kim said, “I think one of the most stressful parts of starting school again is finding people to sit with at lunch. No one wants to sit alone at lunch. It feels like with the changed lunch shifts, I’m finding people to sit with all over again.”

Junior Shannan Nolan is also not a fan of the new lunch shifts. She said, “I used to have third lunch and now I have first. I am almost never hungry by the time first lunch starts which makes it difficult for me to eat.”

Due to the lunch shift changes, there is not five minute gap between each lunch. Custodians now have little time to clean. Be sure to clean up after yourself!