Lancer Spotlight 10/29/21: Little Lancers trick or treat


Evelyn Stewart

Mrs. Thompson hands candy to Little Lancers dressed in costumes with their student teachers Abby Connelly (left) and Alexa Wetrogan (middle).

by Evelyn Stewart, Reporter

On October 29, the Little Lancers went trick or treating around the school to enjoy some sweet Halloween treats.

The children were guided by Ms. Kate Lane’s second period Child Development class, walking from classroom to classroom collecting candy and toys.

Visiting the classrooms to trick or treat is an annual event in the Little Lancer classroom. Teachers can sign up to be a stop on the trick or treat trail and give out candy to the Little Lancers. 

The Little Lancers hold hands with student teachers in Child Development while traveling through Main Street with their treats. (Evelyn Stewart)

The kids get to parade around in their costumes each year while interacting with staff and students in a safe environment. The students in the child development class are in charge of leading the Little Lancers around the school, and many of the Lancers find comfort in knowing that their teachers are parading around with them.

Not only is trick or treating an all time childhood favorite, add in the excitement of being around super cool high school students who are excited to see each Little Lancer shining face.

Senior Mariah Bonaparte parades through the halls with her Little Lancer dressed up as an adorable elephant! (Evelyn Stewart)

Junior Jordan Shipley is a Child Development 1 student.  She said, “The kids get really excited when seeing the high school students, and they love getting the candy.”

While it is her first year, she loves it. “This is my first time trick or treating with the Little Lancers but I am super excited because they are always adorable and so fun to be with,” said Shipley.