Lancer Spotlight 12/15/21: Pre-vet class grooms faculty dogs


by Makyla DeVries and Brynne McKinney

On December 9 – 17, Patricia Beachy’s Pre-vet/Small Animal class groomed dogs. Beachy asked the faculty members if they can volunteer their furry dogs so the students could practice. 

On December 10, two dogs were groomed Una, Anthony Digman’s Saint Bernard, and Kai, Mrs. Samantha Karstens’ husky.

The grooming consisted of washing, drying, brushing, and shedding the dogs. 

Freshman Savannah Beale helped wash Una. She said, “My favorite part about grooming Una was drying her off because it was so satisfying to watch.”

Riley Marek sheds Kai.

Beale also said they didn’t just go straight into grooming the dogs.

“We learned specific ways to groom the dogs. We learned how to clean their ears,” said Beale. 

Sophomore Bear Benson said,” The most important part was making sure that you didn’t scratch their skin or rip out any unnecessary fur.”

Beachy thinks that Pre-vet/Small Animal is one of the most important classes to take. 

“This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn firsthand how to care for animals. . .It gives them a great understanding of veterinary terms and equipment used,” said Beachy.  

“I brought Una in because Ms. Beachy asked. The kids needed a dog to groom, and she was stinky,” said Digman.  

“Oh yeah, the students did a great job. She came back clean and smelled great,” said Digman.