Mock Trial team loses to Oakdale: Photo Of the Day 2/14/2020


Tracy Bozzonetti

Mock Trial poses for yearbook photo.

by Danny Hester, Reporter

On February 12 , the Mock Trial team traveled to the Frederick County Courthouse hoping to win their fifth match.  They were competing against neighboring Oakdale High School. Linganore put up a good prosecution against Oakdale’s defense but at the end of the day was narrowly defeated by six points.

Each year the team prepares a defense and prosecution based on a case presented by the Maryland Youth and Law Organization.  Every match the team travels to the Frederick County Courthouse in order to compete and debate against other high schools in the county and state. Under the judgement a real judge or lawyer, the teams are given scores based on their opening, questioning, examining, and closing statements. Students play the roles of lawyers, witnesses and even bailiffs in the trials.

Unfortunately, the team lost to Oakdale and in result knocked Linganore to finish the season 3-2, placing them fifth in the county. Although they were lower in the stanidngs, they missed the playoffs by one spot and trailed Tuscarora, the first place team, by only eight cumulative points.

“I think Oakdale was a more experienced team, and during the trial it seemed pretty close,” said plaintiff lawyer Gabby Llewellyn.

Despite the unfavorable loss, the team is positive and looks toward next year.  The team has many underclassmen who have been shadowing this season and are interested in stepping into the more difficult roles.

Kelly Alt, sophomore and witness, said she’s looking forward to the “new case, new parts, and new people,” of the trial in the year yet to come.

“I’m really proud of the team and what we have accomplished this season,” said senior and 4 – mock trial participant Madelyn Kahler.