Dating Then vs. Now: Is it so much different?

by Ashley Martin and Emma Watkins

High school couple, Nora Salter and Vincent Booth have been dating for a little over a year now. They met at school and attend the same church, St. Michaels. They added each other on Snapchat and, eventually, Booth asked Salter to hang out at California Tortilla.

Almost a month later, Vince officially asked Nora to be his girlfriend. Next year, both of them will attend Salisbury University. Although they are both excited to head into the four year journey together, they also realize the risks they will be facing as well.

Salter said, “I am happy we don’t have to suffer a long distance relationship, but I am also scared that we will be too close to each other for the next four years. Vince is a very shy gu,y and I like to go out. But I know we will work it out and enjoy ourselves at Salisbury.” 

Nora and Vince’s dating experience differ from couples who met in the 1950’s and 1960’s. 

Fred and Mary Goundry met 57 years ago in Hyattsville, Maryland. Mary was living with her parents at the time, and Fred decided to travel to the same area.  Coincidentally, they met on the street one day and fell in love. After all these years, they are still thriving, with 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

The couple agrees that through the years they have kept their love alive with lots of communication, trust, and sense of humor. Mary said, “The difference between when I was a teenager and now is that men and boys had softer feelings and were more in charge with certain things like dates.” 

Today technology has made society change the way people communicate and how they interact and express feelings towards each other.

But is it all that different? For example, Salter and Booth used Snapchat to communicate and solidify relationship. Couples in the 1950’s and 1960’s used telephones and face to face contact to make a connection with each other. Both couples think this is how to make couples last.

Although many people can detect social differences between the two generations, they’re are some similarities that parents and grandparents continue to teach the younger generations.