Newcomb’s classes compete for top grammar honors: Photo of the Day 3/19/2019


Emily McNally

Sammy Thomas and Mrs. Newcomb point at the Grammar Games team score charts.

by Emily McNally, Reporter

Grammar can be really tough and difficult to comprehend.  Lucky for students in Mrs. Mary Ellen Newcomb’s English classes, they practice every day with an activity she calls “Grammar Games.”

Each class is divided into grammar teams that compete everyday for the most points.

Every student gets a small quiz to complete about a grammar skill, for example: Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, Prepositional Phrases, Conjunctions, etc.  Once they complete their quiz, they turn it in with their fellow teammates’ quizzes.

“Grammar Games is my way of doing a little bit of practice every single day that doesn’t require a grade to go in TAC,” Newcomb said.  

Based on how each person in a team does on the quiz, they get points toward the team score. Each students’ quiz is worth 10 points. If a student is absent, their team automatically loses 10 points.  

At the end of the week, the team with the most points wins an extra credit pass for each member of that team.  They can use their extra credit any time they want.

After the teams get their graded quizzes back, the team meet to discuss what they are struggling with.

“I like grammar games because it helps me master my grammar and prepares me for the next test,” said Sammy Thomas.

The class starts with a pre-test and then moves through with Grammar Games to practice for the final grammar test.

“When I have done this in the past with my students, I have gotten about 90 percent improvement in grammar scores and grammar knowledge,” said Newcomb.