Jazz ensemble performs at the All County Festival: Photo of the Day 4/29/19

Linganore Ensemble performs at the All County Jazz Ensemble.

courtesy of Amelia Jansen

Linganore Ensemble performs at the All County Jazz Ensemble.

by Lindsey Russo, Editor

On April 27, the Linganore Jazz Ensemble performed at the All County Jazz Ensemble Festival.

In addition to LHS, Tuscarora, Urbana  and Middletown High Schools performed. 

There were eighteen musicians chosen for the All-County Ensemble. Four students were selected to perform: Alyson Zieg-Sniffen, Adam Byrd, Zach Hudson and Silas Nickerson.

“I auditioned to get into the All-County ensemble which required me to play a pre-selected jazz piece, play some scales and do a sight reading,” trumpet player Alyson Zieg-Sniffen said.

In the Linganore Ensemble there are twenty musicians: Luke Hackworth, Katie Brengel, Chloe Williams, Kaela Befano, Jack Christy, Justin Gambil, Silas Nickerson, Zach Hudson, Adam Byrd, Harrison Field, Corey Raabe, Riley Bruce, Amelia Jansen, Nick Pare, Evan Gobien, Adam Seymour, Nick Condrasky, David Wallace, JT Lizmi and Alyson Zieg-Sniffen.

Tickets were sold at the door, $5 for adults and $3 for students. Ticket proceeds support the arts in Frederick County public schools.

Students have practiced together every Monday for a month in three-hour rehearsals under director Dr. Kurtis Adams. Adams is the director of jazz studies at Shepherd.

On April 29, Jazz Ensemble students performed during all lunch shifts. They had added two songs that they will also be playing for their regular jazz concert.