Lake’s English class performs 12 Angry Men: Photo of the Day 11/22/19


courtesy of Noel Macfarlane

Juror 3 (Alex Kullgren) and Juror 4 (Haley Lewis) talk about the case.

by Grace Truedson, Reporter

On Monday, November 18, Mr. Dan Lake’s fourth period English 9 class started their performance of the play 12 Angry Men. When Lake announced that the class was going to perform, everyone was thrilled to hear that they wouldn’t have to read it silently.

“It’s super interesting and I’m super desperate to know what happens,” said freshman James Martinez.

Before preforming, Lake asked everyone to choose a character to perform and bring in a prop that related to the character they chose. Many students went above and beyond with their props. Some even went as far as to bring inĀ  costumes.

Although the students are having tons of fun preforming, many still wonder how acting out a play can relate to English. Mr. Lake, as always, had an answer for them.

“Just like novels and biographies and poems, plays are a form of literature” said Mr. Lake.

For the past week the students performed the show. The class is sad it’s over but were excited to finish the performances on Friday November 22.