Jostens representative helps students choose class rings: Photo of the Day 9/24/19


Zach Lyons and Tyler Miller examine the class ring choices.

by Francisco Palacios, Reporter

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On September 24, sophomores and juniors were given the opportunity to examine class rings. Students were able to go up to the display table in the cafeteria to pick up order forms to take home to discuss with their parents.

Students may have the misconception that it’s only about rings. The  Jostens website features many jewelry options, like necklaces and bracelets. The average price is about $300.  Students can personalize their jewelry with school crests, hobbies, and engraving.

Long-time regional representative Tom Orme demonstrated the different choices.

Orme has been working at Jostens since he was 24 years old.  He said, “I love the energy here from the high school students; I’ve been working for 37 years traveling from high school to high school. What people don’t realize is that I get to work in a fun environment compared to everyday office jobs.”

Orme said,  “I get to make my whole schedule myself and work in the environment which I choose from. I also am an independent salesman, which means I don’t get bossed around too much.”

He explained how throughout the years the process of ordering class rings has changed drastically. “Ever since the internet has became a big thing, over two thirds of students and families have ordered there rings online. Instead of ordering it in person on the display, students are now going online instead of meeting with Orme.

Orders for all classes are due November 5, and the classroom deliveries will occur on December 6.