Percussionists audition for All-County: Photo of the Day 11/21/18


courtesy of Ethan Blache

Nick Condrasky practices the marimba before his audition.

by Ashley Nash, Reporter

On November 20, percussionists auditioned for Frederick All-County Percussion.

They were given a piece prior to the auditions to prepare and another piece at the audition to see how well they can sight read music.  Auditions were about 15 minutes for each person.

The students were required to play the snare drum, timpani, and marimba. The timpani is four different drums very close together.

There were four judges, two in each room, and they were looking for good tone, rhythmic accuracy, musicality, correct tempo, and good technique.

Band Director Kevin Lloyd said, “Being in the All-County Percussion gives real world experiences of playing hard music that students have a short time to prepare. Students are able to work with other students, teachers, and directors that they normally wouldn’t. It gives them more chances to experience more music with new people in new places.”

About 25 students auditioned. The All-County band will have about 60-65 students from all Frederick County Schools. They will have a three-day practice prior to the performance, along with the guest conductor, at Governor Thomas Johnson High School, on January 26 at 7 p.m.

Nick Condrasky, Class of 2021, said “I was really nervous when I was practicing and before I played. When I was called into play I messed up a few times, but it was no biggie.”

The students will learn who was selected after November 27.