Katie Roach’s Top 10 country music songs of 2018

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Katie Roach’s Top 10 country music songs of 2018

by Katie Roach, Reporter

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Many country music artists have come out with great songs in 2018. This is my ranking of the top 10 best and most popular country music songs of 2018.

10) “Slower” by Filmore

Filmore is a recent country artist with only a few songs, but this one is definitely the best and will for sure brighten your mood. The song has an upbeat and happy tone similar to his other country hit “Headlights.” It talks about how he loves everything she does and wants to slow down time just to spend it with her, which is where the song title “Slower” comes from. Filmore has just recently made the charts as a solo artist. This song has opened many eyes to his music, which has over five million streams on Spotify.

9) “Alone Together” by Dan and Shay

This is the first hit by Dan and Shay to make my list. This song is great for everything: driving around, showering, tanning, or just lifting your mood. The music video is simple, yet amusing. The setting is nothing special, with just a wall and a colored stage light in some clips with pictures drawn around throughout the video going along with the words. The song has been a mainstay on the Billboard charts, and peaked at #39. 

8) “All to Myself” by Dan and Shay

Over the years, the band Dan and Shay have gotten progressively more popular. The two have made many hits, but this one by far is one of the best yet for its upbeat and happy mood. Unlike all the basic love songs, this one is happy and not about being better off with or without a special someone.

The video features Dan and Shay singing in a few different settings, all of which are dark rooms showing them and their shadows and a few clips of the lyrics. The song peaked at #29 in various U.S. Billboard top hits charts.

7) “Good Girl” by Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch has 23 songs out, and is 29 years old with a bright future ahead of him. “Good Girl” is one of his most famous songs. Lynch also played at the CMA Fest in June, with a crowd of over 60,000 people.

The music video features Lynch and a girl as criminals on the loose. One of the early scenes is a policeman breaking into their empty apartment. Some other scenes consist of the couple running out of stores or speeding off to get away from the cops. In a plot twist, Lynch gets caught and is put into the cop car. However, the girl pretends her car is broken down on the side of the road and the cop stops to help. She breaks Lynch free and steals the cop car, only to see her broken down on the side of the road as the policeman stops to help. She sneakily handcuffs him to her car and drives away with his car and Lynch in it.

The song made it on four different US top hits billboards: 88 on Billboard Top 100, seventh on Country Airplay Billboard, ninth on Hot Country Songs Billboard, and 80 on another Hot Country Songs Billboard.

6) “Colorado” by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line(FGL) has had a very successful 2018, with top hits and sellout concerts. Colorado is a personal favorite though for many reasons. This song is a great for the summer to sing in the car with friends, or when out tanning on the beach. In 2017, FGL had been nominated for nine big awards for a song or an album and has won three. The song is about a rough break up in Colorado. Oddly, this song hasn’t made it to many Billboard charts.

5) “Tequila” by Dan and Shay

Dan and Shay placed yet again on this list for their top hit “Tequila” that came out in January of this year. Just this one hit had over 471,000 sales according to the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the official trade organization representing the recording industry in the U.S. The song is about falling in love with someone and not having it last, but later looking back on the memories and reminiscing, hence the line, “When I taste tequila.”

The music video features a skier played by Mica Von Turkovich, and a hiker played by Nyle DiMarco. The hiker is deaf and sitting in the snow as the skier comes to help and take him in. The two go to a lodge and learn to communicate with each other in sign language and fall in love. They get into a fight and the hiker leaves to go to a bar where the skier works, and that’s where the music video ends, leaving us all in suspense.

The song came out early this year and placed highly on nine US billboard top hits, to name a few, it got first on Country Airplay Billboard, second on Hot Country Songs Billboard, and twenty-first on Billboard Hot 100, as well as winning a CMT music award for Duo Video of the Year.

4) “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean

We all know him, We all love him. The one and only Jason Aldean. A few people including Morgan Wallen, Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, and Jordan Schmidt, helped Aldean in co-writing this song. This song was written about a struggle that Tyler Hubbard’s wife, Hayley Hubbard, expressed that it was hard to make things work and to love him when he travels all the time. The idea of the song and passion in writing and singing it all sprouted from this one important issue.

The music video opens with actor Luke Benward stranded in a truck that won’t start and when it does, he runs a stop sign and gets hit. Throughout the video, it shows the love that he and his wife share, all to find out at the end that it was just him remembering the good times as he lies on the ground from the shock of the accident.

Aldean performed “You Make It Easy” at the Academy of Country Music Awards this year in April and on the Today show earlier this year.

3) “Blue Tacoma” by Russell Dickerson

There’s nothing sweeter than writing a song about your wife and a trip that you took along the West Coast. Russell Dickerson did just that. His other hit “Yours” pairs with “Blue Tacoma.” In the song, he says sweet things about his wife, Kailey Dickerson, like “If heaven is anywhere, it’s right here.” He sings about sitting with her.

The music videos features Dickerson and his wife in a blue Tacoma sharing memories together at the beach, along with some other beautiful clips of the beach. The music video was filmed in California, where Dickerson felt inspired and loved to be. The hit song has placed on five different U.S. Billboard charts, including first on the Country Airplay Billboard, and fifth on the Hot Country Songs Billboard.

2) “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett

“Life Changes” made the top 10 for many reasons. First, it has a very pure and happy message behind it. The song is about Thomas Rhett and his country music artist wife, Lauren Akins. It illustrates his previous life and how he got into this ‘life-changing’ music industry with his love interest and how people questioned how fast he was taking things, but he followed his heart, and in the end, wouldn’t change a thing. Following this, the two adopted a girl from Uganda, and have another one due.

The music video is cuter than the song, showing clips of Rhett on tour and his family and the happiness they share. The song made many top hits, and the album was nominated for a Grammy Award “Best Country Album” and CMA Award “Best Album of the Year.”

1) “I Was Jack ( You Were Diane)” by Jake Owen

If you have ever heard the 80’s song “Jack and Diane” by John Mellencamp ,then you know that it’s a pretty good song, and Jake Owen’s recreated version couldn’t get any better. The original song made it on three US record boards and placed highly in its time, including: first on Billboard Top 100, first on Cash Box, and third on Mainstream Rock Tracks.

The music video shows a couple as they grow up through the years and the good and bad times that they face. At the end of the video, there’s a nice heartfelt note to John Cougar from Jake Owen. It says, “Thanks for building the highways we’ve been riding on and providing the soundtrack to the lines of so many small-town kids like me.” The song has made it on to U.S. Billboards, including: Hot 100 (43), Country Airplay (1), Hot Country Songs (7), Country Airplay (12), and Hot country Songs (24).

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